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Getting in shape means working out on a regular basis. It’s better to work out two to three times a week rather than just once in a while. Working out regularly is more fun and gives you results. If you only hit the gym once in a while, you’ll end up tired, sore and demotivated, which leads to quitting!

Sport makes you tired, but “good tired” ! While it might be tough at first, the more you work out, the less tired you’ll be. Don’t give up after a few mornings of sore muscles – you just need to push through. Working out regularly will improve your fitness levels, energy, well-being and even your sleep.

Most people who start a fitness routine don’t know how to use the equipment at the gym. They do exercises that are inappropriate and can end up getting hurt. Our advice: don’t be afraid to ask a pro for help

You should never hold your breath when doing sport. Often, you breathe in during the prep phase, and breathe out during effort. For example, when doing squats, breathe in as you bend your knees and go down, and breathe out when you straighten your legs to come back up. There is one exception to this rule: for exercises that require effort as you expand your chest (such as horizontal pulls), you should breathe in during the effort.

You’ve gone down a trouser size because you’ve slimmed down. You’ve lost volume (from fat) but have gained weight (from muscle). Muscle weighs more than fat, which is why the scales haven’t changed. This reflects the difference between volume and weight. Remember that what’s important is how you feel and look – and not the number on the scales!

No! Muscles burn fat for energy. Building muscle boosts your metabolism. When you increase your metabolism, you burn more energy, calories and fat. That’s why a cardio programme that incorporates weight training will help you slim down even faster.